Designing the Stop Sign

While we may mock and laugh at the kind of briefing processes we find ourselves in as designers, it is also shockingly pathetic how we choose not to do anything about it. Are we way too jaded? Is the process to change the process just not worth it?

Whatever it is, the situation you find yourself in, is probably just as much your fault as it is the client's.

If only more clients watched this video instead.. 'The Art of Web Design' by PBS.

How to be Baratunde

You might know by now that Baratunde Thurston, a tech-loving comedian is now a New York Times best-selling author with his book 'How To Be Black'. He is also the opening keynote speaker at SXSW 2012 which I'm quite excited about.

I came across this youtube of him presenting to a bunch of Googlers at Mountainview (the Black Googler network in fact) - he speaks of how the book came about, the processes in going from an amusing idea to becoming his life story. It's an hour long, but worthwhile if you want to get a good sense of who he is and what he is about.