Augment or Die

Here's a great little sci-fi short that appears to be in tune with where the world may be headed in the not too distant future. TRUE SKIN foretells of a hyper augmented existence where you must re-configure your physical self just to keep up with the constant pace of technology and survive. It probably feels more disturbing now compared to say 5 years ago because it feels like it could actually happen within the next 10-15 years.

Foursquare Footprint

People ask me all the time why I even bother checking in to places. There are several reasons why but the most compelling one is perhaps the really cool things you could do with all the rich data collected. And when guys like my good friend Mike can show me how to create videos of all the checkins in an amazingly clever way, the question soon becomes - why aren't others doing the same?

Last year, I went on an epic 9 week trip to the States and here you can see every single checkin from it. The video starts from 18 February and the last few days in Sydney before I fly out to Texas for SXSW and it ends at 24 June. The soundtrack switches every time I visit a new city.

If you want to have a go of it yourself, all the info is provided by Mike here: