#b03: March Madness

So I've been challenged to write a blog post every day, once a day, for the month of March.

In a previous life this would not have meant anything special, but folks - we are in 2012 and quite frankly, the idea of "blogging", seems kinda quaint.

Fairly certain I'll be regretting this come day 4 or 5 but am going to give it a hot go and see where it takes me. Some of you would know that I'm off to Austin TX again, for that annual mind-frak otherwise known as 'South by South West' - and in theory, sounds like the perfect time to start blogging again, no?

Contrary to popular belief, I have in fact been blogging all this time - just on a platform that is not very well known as a blogging platform - yep, you guessed it: Google+.

Exhibits A / B / C / D / E / F

For a time this afternoon, I considered asking Steve whether doing #b03 on G+ would be allowed but decided on this semi-dormant Blogger platform. (I later discovered that there is loose G+ integration now, which probably means they will eventually fully merge to become one thing.)

So what will I write about?

Remains to be seen of course, but for those following at home, I will most likely sound just as schizophrenic as I do on twitter or tumblr or pinterest or wherever it is I try to make a dent on the interwebs.

Ok. Let's get blogging.