2012 Mixtape

2012 will go down as the year that I ceased buying CDs, as well as trawling through and endless number of blogs to download mp3s. Instead, I am now one satisfied subscriber of Rdio and occasional browser of Spotify. This means that I pretty much stream everything and sync to my iPhone for when I'm not connected to wifi. Having quick access to just about any artist and album has proven to be hugely beneficial and I'm probably discovering more music than ever before.

However, the downside is that it is not so easy to share mixtapes in physical form with those I have been making mixtapes for the past 10 years. The traditional act of giving out burnt CD copies at my birthday drinks are sadly no more. I'm hoping the playlists I have created on both Rdio and Spotify will be sufficient for those that have been waiting. I will be sharing it on all my social channels, including this blog, so that you won't have to miss out.

So get on Rdio now and enjoy.