Wherever You Land

A few people have asked me what the outro music of the podcast was. I have no clue how the idea came to me when it did, but somehow the Nels Cline 4-minute guitar solo during Wilco's Impossible Germany seemed to, and perhaps always will, be the perfect outro for anything, ever.

Each episode of the podcast ends with us giving some calls to action to follow and subscribe to our little side project called The Lazy Couch podcast - this, along with any reflective thoughts about what we had just discussed over the past 45 minutes. Having this track played in the background while doing so just works.

It's wild how expressive Nels can get with the guitar in hand and I can only imagine what sort of flow he needs to experience, before he can string those buttery notes together. Rolling Stone once ranked him the 82nd best guitarist ever, but Nels - you are indeed my number one.

To promote their upcoming tour, Wilco posted footage of said song performed on KCRW last year. It prompted me to re-post here - because some things are just too perfect not to share.